Walkers Point is an idyllic haven from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
The town, consisting of 34 residential blocks, was established in the 1870s and is situated on the northern banks of the Burrum River, overlooking the river mouth and surrounded by the Burrum Coast National Park.
Walkers Point is a world away – yet only 10 minutes from the shops and other amenities of Woodgate.


The Esplanade at Walkers Point has magnificent ever-changing tidal scenic views complimented by Osprey, Pelicans, Dolphins, to name but a few. This Esplanade is donned with picnic tables plus there is a double recreational boat ramp and an amenities block.

Activities available to visitors and residents alike include fishing, boating, recreational water sports, bushwalking, bird watching and the local flora and fauna.


Walkers Point Town currently consists of 34 Residential Blocks.
Residents of the town consist of a mix of holiday makers, permanent and semi-permanent residents.


The Town of Walkers Point was established in the 1870s. Legend has it, that Walkers Point was named after a European couple, by the name of Walker, who lived on top of Walkers Point Cliff with the local Aboriginal people, back in the Nineteenth Century. The documented Walkers Point Middens are highly visible within these cliffs.



Walker’s Point is situated at GPS coordinates -25.1701203,152.590973, 6 kilometres south south-east of Woodgate via Walkers Point Road. Google incorrectly lists the town as Woodgate. Until Google Maps is corrected, the best way to find us is to select Manley Smith Drive at Woodgate on Manley Smith Drive, Woodgate on Google Maps.

Please be aware that Heidkes Road which is a southerly exit off Woodgate Road 8kms west of Woodgate is a 4WD track and is not recommended as a means of accessing Walkers Point.

Also note there are, very confusingly, two Walkers Points in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of QLD. The other Walkers Point 4650, which has the postcode 4650, is in Maryborough. Our postcode is 4660. Be careful not to get us confused!

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